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World No Tobacco Day 2015: - Why World No Tobacco Day Observed On

World No Tobacco Day 2015: - Why World No Tobacco Day Observed On

As per every year, World No Tobacco day is observed on 31 may, 2015 in this year. I am thinking that why we need to observe a day like of this? What and why this type of day is required? When we all know that tobacco is injurious to health? Is smoking is right for peoples who smoke? if not, then why govt. cannot ban tobacco and tobacco products?

Oh, a huge list of questions surround me when I heard and read about Tobacco. But here I am writing about World Tobacco day so I think that it is necessary to remember things which hurt me always. I am not a philosopher and not a Doctor or Adviser. I am just a blogger who writes about latest events. But when I saw an event which related to tobacco I am writing my feelings about tobacco on World No Tobacco day 2015.

smoking effects: How smoking Effects and Results

Is Smoking a Culture in My village?

I am living in a short village in India.Where the level of education is very low. I saw the effects of smoking in my family. My parents and relative use tobacco and tobacco product. Not only my parents and relatives but in my society in my village every elder age person who complete 35 years of life use tobacco products. And when my parent go to my relative house they welcome with tobacco products and tea. And when they come to my house we also do it. And if anyone do not do so then people will Condemnation him.

So I think that what is it? Is smoking a culture in my village? We lost my father's elder brother because of cancer in 2003. That was a big tragedy with us. That Time I was Just 9-year-old. I heard about cancer and first time know that cancer is a disease which can kill us. But my parents use tobacco products regularly. I am hearing and reading about the effects and losses of use of tobacco and tobacco products. And till Today I never use any type of tobacco product till today.

But I am talking about me and what I saw in my family cause of tobacco but In our society it is a normal thing that people use tobacco products. In last 2 years, I saw almost 5 people who died because of cancer or any other disease which are the result of the use of tobacco and tobacco products. I know many of my friends who are the as same age of me and use tobacco or tobacco products. And I also know some boys who are younger than me and use tobacco or tobacco products.

I am sharing what I saw in my village, I feel and saw the results and effects of tobacco. It is the story of my village and My village is only 15 kilometers away from the capital of Rajasthan and a metro city of India. When I am so close from a big city I know about technology and education is growing in Village in present time. I am thinking about the situation of villages of India which are miles away from technology, miles away from news, miles away from education, miles away from infrastructure. I think, that the situation of that villages will much bad than my village.

Why can Government Not ban Tobacco and Tobacco Products?

Ok now is the point where I confused a lot, And my confusion on it that the stop of the use of tobacco and tobacco products is only our duty? I mean are the local people only responsible for use of tobacco and the effects of tobacco usages. Is Government have not any responsibilities for stop the root of many chronic diseases.
I mean when government know the all bad results of tobacco products, Government spent a lot of money on Advertisement against tobacco products and the treatment of Tobacco-borne illness. What is the purpose of government. I never understand that what they want? Is government want that Government provide a caution to people and they should ignore that. Or government want that government can spend money on Tobacco-borne illness, the government can spend money on advertisement against tobacco products, but people should use tobacco products.

I can't understand that which type of profit is stopping the government to prohibited the use of tobacco. And if the government is watching any type of financial benefit by the consumption of tobacco product than why the goverment is spending on advertisement and treatment of Tobacco-borne illness. whether the government knows that if anyone consume tobacco product definitely that will face many illness and sickness.

So I think that Government should prohibited the use of tobacco in the entire country if they want a tobacco-free or illness free country after fifty years or after a century. If anyone have any complaint or any suggestion can write in Comment Box.

Thank You.

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